What does wellness mean to us?

We are not a typical wellness hotel. For us, wellness means that our guests take their own time and space. Oswalda Hus guests can book massages, cosmetics and energising treatments with us or enjoy time in the sauna or our relaxation rooms.

Cosmetics, treatments & sound therapy

Sound therapy

Feel at ease, come into your own, because you are the most important thing in this world. Our Sound Energy Centre offers you help with exhaustion, lack of stress management, chronic illnesses, inability to perform, tension, sleep disorders, lack of ability to do the right thing at the right time or even nutritional deficiencies. We constantly have to adapt to new expectations, struggle with time pressure and extreme sensory overload. With sound and energy work, we will take you into the world of sound! Open up to new and different paths, find access to your inner space. Rebalance your inner and outer world. Our sound harmonisation opens up your positive potential and helps you to realise it. Where the power of words ends, sound begins to take effect.

Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solutions

Experience the freshness kick for your face. I am always delighted to see how people (whether men or women) are transformed into their own natural beauty! I promise you: My treatments have a lasting effect on your appearance and on your entire organism. Experience a real breath of fresh air and recharge your skin - thanks to the high-quality care products from Dr Spiller. A holistic improvement and regeneration is the result of this treatment.

Holistic Treatments

When you are in flow, you feel your vitality. The processes in your life harmonise, life force flows and disharmonies disappear. Cranio-sacral treatment is comprehensive energy work on the body from the head (cranio) to the sacrum (sacral). The cranio-sacral treatment helps you to find your deep life impulses. The gemstone facial massage is not a classic cosmetic treatment, but works through the power of the gemstones, which carry a strong and natural energy. Your face is sustainably activated via the acupuncture points, the nerve pathways and the lymphatic system. To activate the whole body, we also offer a foot reflex zone massage.we also offer a foot reflex zone massage.

Yoga - in-and outdoor

The perfect addition to our small and fine organic hotel, with a love for something special. Both curious beginners and advanced practitioners are welcome when we practise classical Hatha Yoga according to Sivananda.