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We love honesty. That's why we always communicate openly and honestly with our guests, both on location and on this website. In the world of hotel marketing, false promises are as common as grains of sand on a beach. Because we have neither a beach nor sand, we don't want to promise anything we can’t deliver. This is why we only provide you with the bare facts and unaltered photos.

Nothing but the truth

Who might be disappointed by the Oswalda Haus?

People who take themselves far too seriously. Influencers looking to show off. Those with a need to be seen (sorry, nobody will see you here). Wellness junkies who want to run off to the nearest sauna (sorry, we don’t have that many saunas). Fussy visitors looking for foie gras and lobster (you won't find any lobsters in the Kleinwalsertal valley). Fans of fast food who love eating Pringles (fast food? No thanks!). People who don’t enjoy homemade cake (there must be some of you out there). For everyone else, Oswalda Hus is a real dream! We promise.

Is Sunday the Lord’s Day?

Yes, but only if the Lord in question is Joachim. He has Sundays off, and that’s why there’s no evening menu on Sunday. But don’t worry, there are plenty of great restaurants in Riezlern. You can get the best recommendations from reception.

How should I pay?

We accept cash and bank transfers, but DO NOT accept credit cards.

We’re family-run.

Oswalda Hus has been the property of the Müller family for decades. That's why family members are constantly working and moving around the house. All of them make every effort to ensure that guests feel right at home. No need to worry – guests requiring some downtime will be left undisturbed in their rooms and in the wellness area.

What is this Kleinwalsertal I keep hearing about?

It might be the case that many of you are still unfamiliar with the Kleinwalsertal valley. It may be that many believe that the Kleinwalsertal is part of Germany and the Allgäu region. It may be that many believe we still have our own currency. But it’s not so bad. Quite the opposite. We haven’t given in to mass tourism, and we never will.

No random options available.

We have only 24 rooms, and we’re very proud of that. All of our products have been organically certified, and we're proud of that too. The food is home-grown or sourced from fair trade. We’re not a land of milk and honey where you can order anything you want, whenever you want.

What time is dinner?

At 7 pm sharp :-).